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BMH Computers
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Last updated on 13 April 2019

I travel all over Anglesey on my bike fixing computers. I offer computer health checks, virus removals, repairs. I also deliver and set up new laptop and desktop computers and tablets.

I began my business back in 2004 with a keen interest in building computer systems, correcting hardware and software faults and supplying computer parts and accessories – from desktop systems and laptops to single ink cartridges. That same interest continues today; except I visit all my clients by bicycle, rather than confining myself to an office or shop.

I have also provided web and print services – from designing and maintaining websites to printing and supplying business cards, leaflets and other stationary.

I have developed a loyal customer base across Anglesey and North Wales that appreciate the professional, reliable and trustworthy service I provide, and I appreciate their regular custom in return. My services are flexible and my business has adapted over the years as technology has changed – from building robust and bulky powerful gaming systems, to configuring tablet computers and e-book readers.

The service I provide is also unique to my ethical conscience – not only do I cycle all over Anglesey to visit my clients, come rain or shine, but I also try to avoid treating technology as a throw-away commodity. If I do need to supply something new or if something does need disposing of then I am keen to consider and promote greener options.

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